About Our Pharmacy

Village Drugs

Born out of hard work and perseverance, Village Drugs will hopefully become a much needed staple for our community. We are dedicated to making this pharmacy a place for all your NEEDS. We are here to help.

Our Pharmacists will:

  • Discuss medications for you and provide written information
  • Inform you on how to use them safely and effectively. Answer any questions you may have about any interactions with your current medications and all possible side-effects.
  • Aid in selecting over-the-counter products for your needs.

    We ease the pain when you are ill.

  • Provide computerized records of purchases for insurance or income tax purposes.
  • Offer FDA approved generic drugs which often save you up to 60% compared to brand names.
  • All concerns and information done in total confidentiality.

Village Drugs pharmacy offering:

  • Participating with most health insurance plans including, Medco, Caremark, Horizon and more
  • We will help your health insurance plan cover your most needed prescriptions